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  • Robert Luna

Interview with 'My Morning Coffee' Podcast

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Tonya McKenzie:

“On our show today, we are talking to a man who is running for the top position with the LA County Sheriff’s [Department]. I want to get into why. One thing I’ve learned as a public servant is, it ain’t easy! It takes a lot of work and you don’t always make everybody happy and sometimes you don’t make anybody happy. So why would you even bother with this job?”

Robert Luna:

“Why do I do this? You know what, plain and simple: it’s because I care. I tell people this is my ministry. I just completed a 36 year career with the Long Beach Police Department, the last 7 years was as Chief of Police. And then I retired! My last day was the 31st of December, 2021. And, yeah, some people say, ‘Hey, part of the American Dream is to retire and ride off into the sunset.’ But I’m not done. I’m not done at all. I really do believe [in] and love public service. I really care about what’s happening in the County of Los Angeles and I want to be at the table.”

Click here to watch or listen.

My Morning Coffee is hosted by Tonya McKenzie and Gia Sneed

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