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November 16, 2022

Dear future colleagues,

I’m deeply honored and humbled to be elected as the next Los Angeles County Sheriff.


I was born and raised in East L.A., and later Santa Fe Springs, both areas that were patrolled by the Sheriff’s Department. Growing up, I admired the deputies who served in our communities, and I wanted to wear their uniform and badge. This department inspired my career in law enforcement which took me to the Long Beach Police Department.


In the LBPD, I was promoted through every rank, working my way up from a reserve officer to Gangs, Narcotics, to S.W.A.T., to eventually becoming the first Latino Chief of Police.


So I’ve had many jobs and responsibilities at every level during my law enforcement career, and I want you to know how much I respect you, and your skill, courage, and commitment to keeping our communities safe.


And I’m eager to meet you, to listen and learn from you, and work with you.


That’s why I ran for this job – to be part of and to lead this team.


In this election, the voters have entrusted me with a clear mandate to bring new leadership and accountability to the Sheriff’s Department. And that’s exactly what I will do.


I also offer best wishes Sheriff Villanueva and his family.


Now the campaign is over, and I have assembled a transition team to help prepare me and the department for the change in leadership.


The transition team is co-chaired by Richard Conant, Eileen Decker and Eric Parra. Richard is retired from the Long Beach Police Department, where he served as Deputy Chief while I was Chief; Eileen is a Los Angeles Police Commissioner and previously was US Attorney and LA Deputy Mayor; and Eric is the Chief of the Huntington Beach Police Department and previously served for 31 years in the Sheriff’s Department, where he reached the rank of Division Chief before leaving in 2019.


On December 5th, my first term as Sheriff will begin. And over the next several months, you will see me deliver new policies and strategies to fight crime, repair relationships with our community, address homelessness, modernize the department and improve employee wellness.


Until then, I want to again express my sincere gratitude to each and every one of you, for your dedicated service to LA County.


I look forward to serving with you soon.






Sheriff-Elect Robert Luna

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